If you don't upgrade during or after your trial, you'll lose access to the paid features. Here’s what will happen to your Pro features if you choose not to upgrade after your trial ends:

Next Steps

If you’ve added Next Steps during your trial but choose not to stay on Pro when your trial is up, don’t worry – we won’t hold your Next Steps hostage! They’ll still be visible and you will be able to check them off once you've completed them. 

You won’t be able to add any new Next Steps or assign people or due dates to existing Next Steps.


Your active Discussions will disappear completely and you will not be able to create any new ones. 

Note: if you ever decide to upgrade in the future, your next steps and Discussions will return. 

You can upgrade to Pro before or after your trial ends by clicking any “Upgrade” button in the app. Here’s what you’ll see:

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